Hanging Type Carbonized Color Wooden Insect House With Tree-Skin Top Cover

Short Description:

Model: GKC019

Product name: Wooden Insect Hotel

Product Dimention (H x W x D): approx. 30x9x30 cm

Product material: Chinese fir wood+wood chips+pinecore+bamboo+wiremesh

Product color: Nature or customized (flamed, etc)

Assemble: N

Unit packing: One pc into mail box

Product packaging: 6 pcs into outer brown carton

Product Detail

Product Tags

Basic Information

Net weight/unit

Approx. 1.25KG

Gross weight/unit

Approx. 1.45 KG

Inner box size

Approx. 31.5x11x32 cm

Outer carton size

Approx. 64x35.5x34 cm

New weight/CTN

Approx. 8.7 KG

Gross weight/CTN

Approx. 9.95KG


2000 pcs


2100 pcs


4200 pcs


5100 pcs



Loading port

Jiujiang port,Nanchang,Ningbo,Shanghai etc

Leading time

15-30 days after payment confirmation


advance TT.T/T,L/C at sight,wire transfer


within 30-50 days after confirming the order


Features Of Insect House

Effectively attract beneficial insects (ladybugs, bumblebees, crickets, butterflies, lacewings, etc.) to maintain garden ecology; Help children observe the living state of insects in nature; Unique appearance and strong artistic sense is a great decoration.

Burnt Insect Hotel For Hanging

Bees, beetles, lacewings and other insects find space here.

Helps in natural pest control.

Nesting bees ensure optimal pollination of your plants.

Observe animals in their natural environment.

Helps protect endangered species.

Small Insect Hotel

Wire mesh screen serves as bird protection.
Different structures and filling materials.
Additionally small butterfly house for butterflies.
Provides opportunities for nesting and wintering.
Also a decorative element for your garden.

Product Structure Features For Natural Insect Hotel

Approx. 1 cm wide opening to the butterfly house.
Burnt wood and wire mesh.
Filled with wood, pine cones and bamboo.


Insect hotel to hang up for the garden. Offer native insects a place to nest and overwinter with this house. At the same time you make a valuable contribution to species protection and support the biological balance of your garden. A wide variety of beneficial insects find their place in the various filling materials. Lacewings and ladybugs, for example, feel most comfortable in pine cones. Wild bees and digger wasps, on the other hand, nest in hollow branches. In addition to the functional aspect, the bee hotel is a great decorative element for the garden, terrace or balcony.


Main Export Markets

European countries
The United States
And others countries


Related Similar Products For Option

The wooden Insect houses are made of Hot-treated Chinese fir wood and bamboo or wood chips and pinecore ,they are antiseptic,mothproof and free from any pollution,and they are durable for years.You may put them in your garden,hang them in the tree or against the fence in your yard for purpose of protecting the insect. You will see many insect living&flying in your garden,that must be a great fun to your family and surroundings.


Insect Introduction


The lady beetle is a beneficial insect. Adults can prey on wheat aphids, cotton aphids, locust aphids, green peach aphids, scale insects, ticks and other pests, which can greatly reduce the damage to trees, melons, fruits and various crops. Known as "living pesticides".


Butterfly not only plays an important role in the research of entomology, ecology, environment, etc., but also has economic and artistic value in natural specimens and art collections, butterfly processing crafts, art patterns and fashion design.


Bees pollinate crops, fruit trees, vegetables, pastures, camellia crops and Chinese medicinal plants, increasing yields from several to 20 times. Honey produced by bees is a commonly used tonic and has the reputation of milk for the elderly.


Lacewing is a kind of predatory insect, which can effectively eliminate many kinds of agricultural pests and is an important natural enemy insect. Common lacewings are large lacewings, lacewing lacewings (small lacewings), Chinese lacewings, leaf-colored lacewings, and Asian and African lacewings.


Order Insects are mostly nocturnal, and lie in the soil, under rocks, under tree bark, and among weeds during the day. Some species can prey on leafhoppers, larvae of the larvae of leaf-miner, leaf-miner, leaf-winged leaf moth, and leaf moth.

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