Multifunctional Wooden Bird Feeder with Plexiglass

Short Description:

Model: WNQA010

Product name: Extendable Garden Fence Wooden Pet Gate

Product Dimention (H x W x D): 31*18*22cm

Product material: Chinese fir wood+plexiglass+wire net

Product color: Natural/Orange/green roof/pink roof/blue roof or customized(natural,green,grey, etc)

Assemble: N

Product packaging: With swing tag, 8pcs into export carton

Net weight/unit: Approx. 0.85KG

Unit/carton: 4 unit

Product Detail

Product Tags

Basic Information

Export carton

74*64*24 cm


2000 pcs


2036 pcs


4100 pcs


5000 pcs



Loading port

Jiujiang port,Nanchang,Ningbo,Shanghai etc


Product Feature


Made of natural high quality fir. The seed window is made of plexiglass, transparent and sturdy, and it is easy to observe the remaining amount of seeds.

Unique Design

Pole with Stand - Small wooden stick on the base makes it easy for the bird to hold.

Big Food Capacity

Holds up to 4 lbs. of mixed seeds.

Retractable roof design:Easy to fill and clean - has a traditional tile roof style. Just lift the roof and pour in the seeds to fill the trays and hoppers. Wide opening allows feeder to be replenished and cleaned.

Wide range of applications - can be placed on windowsills, balconies, grass, or hung on trees or other places, the scenery will be very charming during flowering season.


Solid wood bird house, a warm resting place. Give it a fancy restaurant and give the bird a place to stay. The bird feeder is the bird house, which can be hung on the tree or placed on the windowsill, balcony, grass, green bushes. When the flowers are blooming, put a chic bird feeder, the birds are chirping,flowers are fragrant and the warblers are singing. For those who love birds, we only need to move a reclining chair to feel the beauty of the flower and bird.


The exclusive restaurant for birds, giving birds a luxurious foraging place. Minimal but not simplify, giving birds the warmth of a home. The thoughtful design can keep the birds from the wind and rain.

The improvement of the natural environment has gradually increased all kinds of birds in the front yard. Prepare some food for the birds and let more birds come back to live as neighbors. The bird feeder is suitable for hanging or placing it in the outdoor park, forest, Community garden windows, courtyard balconies, grass green bushes, etc., are bird fun and virtue! Where there are flowers and birds, there is a world.

Product Description

Every bird lover loves to watch the cute birds while eating cheerfully. Treat birds to a meal with this trendy bird feeder that can be hung on a tree branch! This bird feeder is made from solid fir wood. This makes it durable, weather-resistant and can be used all year round. It has a large feeding platform and a protective roof to keep food dry. Just add some food and the cute birds will visit you every day! You can easily hang the bird house on the roof overhang, on a tree, etc.


Structural Function Analysis

Deluxe Hopper Feeders are designed to attract a wide variety of birds. The intermediate seed silo can attract small birds such as finches, chrysanthemums, gophers and sparrows, as well as birds such as cardinals and pigeons. plastic coated iron mesh on the side can place cakes to attract wood sparrows etc. Made of solid wood, durable. In addition to preventing rainwater from seeping into the food, the roof also prevents squirrels from stealing food. The retractable roof design allows you to conveniently and quickly fill large quantities of grain seeds into your bird feeder. The transparent acrylic plate makes it easy for us to observe the situation of the silo. The inclined design of the seed baffle can automatically distribute the seeds, and the seeds on both sides will automatically come out, providing enough space for the birds to feed. This wooden bird feeder allows many birds to feed at the same time, and also You can observe the feeding of birds from multiple angles. The plastic coated iron mesh on the sides make it easy to place large cakes directly. Perfect for bird watching near a backyard window, garden, patio or lawn.


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